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Improving customer happiness


Working together towards a healthier society and future-proof care is what VGZ is all about. Together with its partners and members, VGZ is working on various innovations for health and care with a superior experience for its customers. To work towards this goal, VGZ was looking for a way to get a clearer picture of what changes were needed in the customer journey to better meet customer needs. VGZ wanted to gain more insight into the behavior and emotions of its customers in every step of their journey.

Underlined delivered insights in the behavior and emotions of customers by using journey mining and text mining. All sources of customer feedback were connected with Customer Journey Analytics. This resulted in a management dashboard with essential insights in the customer journey for executive management and individual employees.

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“Underlined helped us to determine the actions for improvement in a fact-based way and to set priorities.”

Mariska de Wit – Senior Customer Experience Manager and Strategic Marketeer at a.s.r.

Boosting CX and connecting actions to business values



a.s.r., offers insurance policies that meet the needs of each individual. That is why it is extremely important for a.s.r. to know what customers find important, in which areas they can improve their customer happiness and what the impact is of those improvements. A.s.r. partnered with Underlined to get a better grip on CX.

The Insights Framework gives a.s.r. the opportunity to connect all customer interaction data from various sources to the lifecycle, placing data in the context of the journey. Underlined has delivered a framework with insights, giving in-depth knowledge about every touchpoint in the customer journey. In this way, omnichannel insight into customer contact and appreciation across the entire customer lifecycle is provided.

As a result, management can monitor and control their KPIs effectively and implement the most attractive improvements. Continuously developing and delivering value for its customers across multiple contact channels, better optimizing investments in CX and prioritizing effectively and at the same time working on business impact.

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"Underlined's Text Mining API allows us to better map our insights into CX and really make a difference for our customers.”

Jolien Nelemans & Tamara Mom
Marketeers Customer Experience – Volksbank

SNS 9+ on Customer Experience


An integrated solution for SNS

SNS Bank (part of the De Volksbank) is working towards a 9+ for customer experience with the aim of increasing their customer effort score (CES) and the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and reducing unnecessary contact with customers. To be able to manage these KPIs better, more insight had to be created in the customer relationship and customer experiences.

Underlined brought sources together from different systems and departments for a 360 view into the customer journey and provided insight into the areas for improvement in processes, products, and topics. With text mining, open texts have been categorized and insight into the customer journey are delivered. A dashboard is created used by every team in the organization. The dashboard makes it clear for self-managing teams and employees what they can improve to achieve higher customer satisfaction and NPS.

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Connecting customer value with business value



Essent is one of the best-known energy suppliers in the Netherlands. Thanks to Essent’s many years of experience in the sector, the organization can help shape the present energy transition like no other, together with its customers. In order to be able to manage customer experience and customer satisfaction based on strategic objectives, Essent needed a CX steering instrument consisting of KPIs and customer journeys.

Underlined has conducted a survey and data scan to set the ideal CX steering instrument for Essent, whereby we can link CX to loyalty, customer value and costs. With the use of the Insights Framework and consultancy, Underlined provided a data driven operating model with insights into drivers that have proven impact on customer value. The Insights Framework has connected customer value with business value and provides insight into important handles for CX, such as contact reasons, touchpoints, jobs-to-done and emotion. Delivering a complete design and roadmap for the ideal CX steering instrument, consisting of KPIs and based on the strategic objectives of Essent.

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