Conversation Analytics

Advanced analyses, intuitive platform

Stay on top of your customer conversations at all times. Find out what you need to know to improve the customer experience and optimize your operations with intuitive dashboards and data visualizations, advanced search capabilities and ready-to-use models. With ROCX’R Conversation Analytics, you can leverage the power of AI to benefit your customers and your business.

Truly understand conversations

Search inside your conversations, understand when customers are contacting you and what they’re contacting you about, and stay on top of the quality and efficiency of your operations.

Explore the voice of the customer

Get a complete and reliable view on the voice of your customers by merging information from written and speech data, feedback data from your existing systems and contextual data from external sources.

Uncover areas of improvement

Access ready-to-use dashboards for an immediate understanding of your data. Monitor traffic and contact reasons to detect issues and uncover opportunities for improvement.

Access real-time insights

Access real-time visual insights into your customer needs and underlying questions and prioritize actions effectively. Use our models or build and train your own.

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Create your own AI models

Stay in control of your customers’ reasons for contacting you. Add the topics you’re interested in, set up your models using our step-by-step guide and receive actionable insights to help you achieve your business goals.

Improve quality management

Start having better conversations with customers with quality management analytics. Support your contact center’s performance by understanding what’s going well and what could be improved, from following protocols to showing empathy.

Get insight into repeat traffic

Find conversation topics responsible for high traffic volumes and repeat traffic based on your unique labels and categories. Find out why customers contact you repeatedly, so you can manage conversations efficiently and improve content and services.

Support your contact center

Help your contact center deliver outstanding experiences. Coach them on recognizing opportunities to go the extra mile and introduce best-practice call techniques based on real insights. Find out if the changes are paying off by monitoring traffic over time.

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Prioritize quality improvements

Analyze which topics are frequently mentioned together and detect underlying patterns in your conversations. Determine opportunities for improving your conversations with customers by topic. Easily prioritize quality improvements with clear, color-coded insights.

Curious what insights are hidden in your data? Get ROCX’R Conversation Analytics on the Azure Marketplace today.

Curious what insights are hidden in your data? Get ROCX’R Conversation Analytics on the Azure Marketplace today.

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