CX Enrichment


Make sense of CX data, drive loyalty at every point along the customer journey, predict behavior, and deliver outstanding experiences. Our CX Enrichment modules provide you with a complete and reliable view on the voice of your customers, wherever they interact with you.

CX Enrichment

Lifecycle contactredenen

Journey tagging

Unlock your customer understanding

Journey tagging gives a complete view of the customer lifecycle with an algorithm that detects CX components in data for CX insights or for DMP solutions. Every customer event is associated automatically with a specific lifecycle, contact reason, and touchpoint. Monitor where in the customer lifecycle the customer is, who is contacting your organization, why a customer is contacting you, and what touchpoint is applicable to the customer contact.

Journey tagging

Visualize journeys and lifecycles

Optimize and personalize your customer contact. Journey tagging analyzes enriched data and generates insights. Insights are visualized in reporting templates to be used for personalized communication. Standard BI templates are available to visualize journeys and lifecycles in Tableau and PowerBI for model management. For customers working with Milkymap, the lifecycle can be automatically interchanged with the Milkymap Galaxy.

Contactredenen en Journey overzicht
Impact Journeys op Euro's en CX

Automated KPI calculation

Monitor the value of your customers

Monitor the financial impact of CX initiatives by using personas. Imagine a group of people who rate your company with a 10 are worth an average of €100, while those who give an 8 are worth €80. If you can get 100 people from an 8 to a 10 through CX improvement, this will result in a value increase of €2000. The automated KPI calculation uses the average value of a customer group, to calculate profitable CX initiatives, with the possibility of including factors like operating costs, fees, and more.

Automated KPI calculation

Optimize conversations and processes

Optimize your services through better conversations, touchpoints, and processes that contribute to your business value. Achieve added value by implementing CX improvements within certain processes. By improving specific content on your website, you will receive fewer calls with questions from people who run into that page during the process. There are opportunities for reducing telephone calls, call duration, repeat traffic, unwanted channel switches, handling times, and more.

Klantreis betalen met overstapservice
NPS Score verdieping

Driver modelling

Detect impactful drivers

Investigate which characteristics (e.g. customer, product, contact, or drivers) have the most impact on KPIs such as NPS. Discover which drivers have a positive or negative effect and which have the most influence. The model uses machine learning techniques to understand what the most important variables are that influence your CX KPIs based on your data. The solution is: ISO27001 certified and scalable.

Impact modelling

Take efficient measures on CX

Estimate what the impact of an improvement is on your CX – a key tool for effective prioritization, showing what is negatively influencing your CX. The model directs you on the right path for taking efficient measures based on actionable insights. To support the driver and impact model, there are ready-to-use dashboard templates available for effective and immediate visualization of your insights. Integrating your favorite BI tools (Tableau and PowerBI) is possible.

Impact Journey's op Euro's en CX
Topic inzichten

Conversation Analytics

Increase loyalty, efficiency and service

Use the power of Conversation Analytics to truly understand conversations. Automatically extract information from different written resource and speech data. Quickly detect anomalies, take actions and identify trends. Remove the pain points from all communication channels and moments, and obtain valuable knowledge about your contacts. Successfully interact with clients and orchestrate journeys with predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and ready-to-use software.

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