CX Insights Framework

More and more organizations are investing in customer experience (CX). Rightly so, because research and practice show that a good customer experience increases the chance that customers will recommend your company, buy more, forgive mistakes, and want to try other products. But how do you find out if your customer experience is good? And how do you maintain a structural overview of improvement potential? Too many organizations still rely on their gut feeling, which is a shame, because data-driven CX can offer us many opportunities.

Main CX Objective

Blueprint for improving customer experience

Discover and prioritize improvement potential

Many organizations have already taken steps towards improving their customer experience. For example, the NPS is measured structurally and there is commitment. Yet something is missing. Management demands demonstrable results. To improve the customer journey in a data-driven way, you need to understand which improvements affect customer happiness and business objectives. Underlined had developed the CX Insights Framework to help you identify opportunities that are proven to improve CX and deliver business value.

Our framework is a data-driven operating model, linking customer satisfaction metrics to broader business objectives and business data by using customer journeys. Creating the opportunity to discover and prioritize improvement potential. And helping you justify investments in customer experience. This way you will always have a well-founded business case!

Why use the CX Insights Framework?

Show me the money

The CX Insights Framework is a systematic approach to collect, analyze and, process CX data in an effective and complete CX measurement system. Completing the Insights Framework is the first step to mapping all CX data that is present within your organization. In combination with the data scan that Underlined performs, a roadmap is created that shows which information is still missing to achieve a holistic image of your customer experience. This leads to an integrated CX approach, where it becomes clear what you should do to get CX metrics moving and improve business results.

How does the CX Insights Framework work?

Customer meets business value KPI

The CX Insights Framework takes your customer strategy as a basis. At the top of the framework, you enter your customer value KPI. At the bottom, you place the business value KPI (loyalty, churn, operational costs, etc.). In between are the key drivers and customer journeys. From the customer value KPI, it is important to link with underlying key drivers based on customer behavior and customer feedback. We bring together all proprietary data about business value and all customer feedback by using a data-science method linking it to customer journeys. Researching these drivers takes time, but pays off.

Getting started

What does the framework look like for your situation?

To create a framework for your specific situation, Underlined developed a one-day workshop. Together we explore your data as a valuable tool to shape the framework. We use the latest insights and techniques in data-driven customer-experience management, measuring dependencies between touchpoints and overall journey impact. Our goal is to connect your CX dots and to coproduce a concrete data-driven customer-experience management action plan – helping you to create value for your organization and customers.

What's happening?

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