Customer Journey Mining

Why should you read this e-book?​

How much do you know about your customer journey? When it comes to the actual mapping of the customer journey, data is king. Each data source tells its own story, and together they paint a complete picture of your customer. To successfully provide insight into the customer’s journey, it is important to have all sources in the right place.

Customer journey mining is the technology that allows you to understand the points at which employees and customers interact. In this e-book, data scientist Henrik Nijkamp and analytics consultant Milou Ehrismann-Keijzers help you understand the impact of journey mining. They will explain the methodologies, the role of text mining in customer journey mining, and how to visualize customer journeys to measure and improve your CX.

NB! This e-book is only available in Dutch. We are happy to give you an English explanation about customer journey mining. Please fill in the download form and we will contact you.

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