Partner overview

The Underlined partner network is everything you need to build and deliver successful customer experience. Designed for companies to become truly customer-obsessed and reignite business growth. With exclusive resources, academic models, tools, and connections. Together with our partners, we offer a wide range of services including solutions, survey platforms, research, customer-, and employee experience tools.

Optimal interactions with you customers


Altuïtion is a consultancy agency specializing in innovation and change processes for improving customer and employee experience. Altuition’s consultants help companies grow into a 9+ organization by focusing on customer and employee journeys. Together we help companies shape their customer journey in an excellent way and to continuously analyze and improve it with the help of data science, our experience, and the technology of Underlined. Resulting in optimal interaction with your customers and a 9+ organization for our clients for their customer experience.

Making CX practical and understandable


Essense is a service design agency that connects organizations with their customers and employees and helps design and implement customer-oriented services. With its design system and concept validations, Essense creates consistent and validated concepts and customer interactions together with its customers. This enables organizations to set the right priorities and make every effort count. Combining Essense’s expertise and Underlined’s technology, we help your organization gain insights into data, metrics, and customer and business value to shape your desired CX change. This makes customer-oriented working for your organization practical and, above all, understandable.

Actions to improve customer processes


Expoints enables organizations to interact with their customers about the services they experience by using a Feedback Platform and dashboards. The personal support of Expoints makes it a valuable partner for customer and employee feedback. Together we enable your organization to analyze customer feedback with powerful dashboards to provide you with relevant topics and categories that help you determine which actions to take to improve (customer) processes. This makes improving your customer happiness a manageable task.

Real-time feedback management


To maintain continuous insight into customer and employee experience, KCM offers a platform on which multiple research results are presented in dashboards. With Underlined’s technology, KCM offers real-time, visual insights into improvement opportunities. This way you easily know what the points for improvement are for your organization in the field of CX. In addition, we make sure you don’t miss an important moment in your customer journey, and we’ll show you how to become even more customer-oriented. In this way, you always respond to changing consumer expectations and behavior.

Latest developments in customer contact


KSF (Customer Service Federation) is the Dutch trade association for customer contact and an expert in excellent customer contact. Together we have a lot of knowledge about improving and optimizing customer contact. We actively collaborate during conferences and expert sessions to keep KSF members and other organizations informed about the latest developments and opportunities in CX and data science.

Visualize and share customer journeys


Using Customer Journey Mapping and Service Design Thinking, Milkymap finds improvement potential in processes and teaches employees and managers to make better choices. It offers solutions to design every touchpoint of the customer journey and visualize it in detail, with text, satisfaction indicators, images, and more. Together we offer solutions to visualize and share customer journeys in an easy way and to provide insight into improvement opportunities in your organization. This way, we enable your organization to prioritize changes in the journey of your customers.

Independent consumer research


Motivaction is an independent research and consultancy agency that investigates the values, motives, and lifestyles of people and organizations. With the growing importance of CX, the question arises among organizations whether certain brand aspects – such as values, reputation, and image – determine the way in which a customer experiences the service. Together with Motivaction we connect the customer and brand experience through (benchmark) research. This allows your organization to better understand the relational NPS (relational customer experience KPI) from CX in combination with your brand. We help your organization connect your brand with the customer experience and discover clear improvement initiatives.

Making customer contact personal

VANAD Engage

VANAD Engage offers personal and digital solutions that improve customer contact, to make every contact easy, personal, and valuable. It does this by connecting the right people, technology, processes, and data. Together we narrow the gap between insights from customer contact and data science. We improve customer interactions by using data science to ensure you can really make a difference with distinctive customer experiences. So you can get a grip on all customer interactions and manage customer contact in a more data-driven way.

Implementing CX successfully

Wilms & Co – CX Program Management

Jaap Wilms is an experienced consultant. Jaap supports, challenges, and inspires organizations to use CX successfully. He guides various international companies in large CX programs, gives CXPA Masterclasses, and was the Global Head of NPS for many years at a large international financial organization. Together with Wilms & Co we provide organizations with a complete solution for an (international) CX program. We challenge your organization to achieve even more impact and engagement within all departments. Underlined and Wilms & Co give several Masterclasses together, both in-house and at Nyenrode, JADS, and UvA, among others.

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