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Becoming a customer-obsessed organization requires change, hard work, and continuous insights. We understand this world like no other. We do not just use technology; we turn stand-alone solutions into valuable products. Our success is fueled by the unique tracks of our people, always improving smart products with clever teamwork to get the best results. Meet our team of talented people.
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Theo van der Steen


Broad and in-depth expertise


Our management team guides our company, helping us to achieve our vision to lead the future of CX. Meet our management team: Milou, Marcel, Theo, Max, and Marjolein.

With years of experience in CX and working in several countries, our management team brings actual real-life experiences to the table. Having been customer-experience leaders themselves at larger companies, they know the unruly business world very well.

The broad and in-depth expertise is well spread within Underlined and through the data science community. Our board regularly gives guest lectures at Nyenrode Business University and collaborates with JADS for new learning content based on Artificial Intelligence.

“Innovation arises when you create an ecosystem and bring people, ideas & data together”

Theo van der Steen – Founder of Underlined

Enabling companies to use data-driven insights

Product Development

Our product team is young and energetic. They are passionate about cutting-edge techniques to analyze different types of big data through state-of-the-art tooling. Our product developers are constantly improving our platform to enable users to gain insights from a wide range of CX data. They continue to develop our data science models and expand our platform with new, easy-to-use models that meet today’s standards.

Together with our developers, we create a functional and seamless experience for our end-users. The development team consists of front-end and back-end developers, a tester, a product owner, and a UX designer.

“Within the product development team, I bring together a passionate group of people who challenge each other to create a high-quality platform that focuses on easily providing insight into the value of customer data. The innovative and ambitious way of working is why Underlined suits me well.”

Maik Lanen, Product Owner

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Maik Lanen

Product Owner


Eric Mathura

Senior Sales Executive

Using customer obsession to accelerate growth

Sales, Marketing & Recruitment

Sales and marketing are directly related to each other. No marketing strategies can work properly without the efforts of the sales team.

Our sales and marketing team helps businesses find the right product and services to meet their goals. We stimulate companies and technology leaders to use customer obsession to accelerate growth. That means empowering companies to put the customer at the center of everything they do.

“During my professional career, I have learned how important customers, customer loyalty, and customer service are to the viability of a business. At Underlined, I can help companies gain more insight into their data, so that they can continuously improve and optimize their customer experience.”

Eric Mathura, Senior Sales Executive

Giving companies the power to optimize conversions

Consultancy & data science

Our consultancy team are strong leaders, well supported by data scientists. From implementation services to support and training, our professionals guide companies to improve their customer experience.

Our consultants link customer behavior, transactions, and data to create the next great custom experience for each client. Giving companies the power to optimize conversions. Together with you, we create the ability to orchestrate individual experiences across any channel.

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Meet our whole team

CX is a team effort and should engage all departments

Our vision on CX

While many companies take customer experience seriously, we see that they struggle to achieve measurable improvements. Simply because – in the enormous amount of interaction that takes place – there is a lack of insight into what works well and what does not.

CX management is a team effort and should engage all departments within an organization to ensure success. All successful customer experience strategies start with gathering and segmenting data to get a true understanding of your customers and their journeys.

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