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Jheronimus Academy of Data Science


JADS is the first data-science university in the Netherlands, based in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. JADS is the place where all data science comes together through a collaboration with Eindhoven University of Technology and Tilburg University. Underlined regularly gives guest lectures about the use of data science technology. We are also part of the JADS Playground, the startup incubator. We help students to successfully market their startup through coaching. We connect theoretical experiences with practice and stimulate innovation. On top of that, we regularly provide a data-driven CX course together with JADS for professionals about the application of data. After successfully completing the program, participants can make the knowledge gained tangible and translate it to their own situation.

Vrije University


Since 1632, the UvA has grown into one of the leading universities in social and medical sciences. Students, employees, and PhD students work and study together at various locations. We support students with data knowledge and possibilities to put their knowledge into practice. We invest in new expertise, teamwork, and research to ensure that Master’s students are given the opportunity to conduct research into model technology, machine-learning techniques and process mining. And we use the valuable input of trainees and researchers for further development of our products, to ensure that our customers are always at the forefront of the very latest techniques.

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Erasmus University

To achieve its strategic ambitions, Erasmus University Rotterdam works together with national and international partners, other universities, governments, and the business community. Our collaboration was originally driven by scientific research, but in recent years it has also become valuable in other areas within marketing, communication, and education. Business Analytics and Quantitative Marketing students regularly conduct research together with us and answer questions such as: which modeling technique can be best used to find the most important drivers of the Net Promoter Score? The research results and studies ensure that our driver models remain accurate for customers.

A reward for life


In close collaboration with global institutional partners, employees, alumni, and corporate networks, Nyenrode provides a high-quality educational experience. ROCX supports new learning content and classes such as De Nyenrode Masterclass Customer Experience Management. Participants travel on a journey to discover where recent insights from theory and practice come together and visualize the journeys of their users and customers. Exploring, designing, and improving according to the principles, processes, and tools of service design thinking are then discussed. At the end of the training, participants will know everything about customer experience management and will have an insight into customer journey mapping and design to set up a customer experience strategy.

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Tilburg University

Tilburg University works on a local, regional, national, and international level. The activities of the university linked with those of other educational institutes, the business community, governments, and social organizations and with alumni. Together we look for connections between the different fields of expertise to find solutions for major issues. Examples of student research at Underlined include the study examining two types of machine-learning techniques: Multinomial Naïve Bayes and RobBERT. The main goal is to investigate which algorithm is a better option for classifying CX data. This kind of research help us to further develop our product and to choose the best possible technology for each use case.

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