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While many companies take customer experience seriously, we see that they struggle to achieve measurable improvements. Simply because – in the enormous amount of interaction that takes place – there is a lack of insight into what works and what doesn’t. CX management is a team effort and should engage all departments within an organization to ensure success. All successful customer experience strategies start with gathering and segmenting data to get a true understanding of your customers and their journeys.
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Improving customer happiness

Adding value with CX is the future

CX programs of the future need to be predictive, precise, and clearly tied to business outcomes and added value. To become a data-driven CX company and be customer-centric, you need a complete view of the whole customer journey and, at the same time, get insight into what is driving the customer experience. These signals will guide you to take the right action and to create relevant experiences for each customer.

Leading data-driven CX companies use data science models for prediction (e.g., machine-learning algorithms) and process-mining to capture the daily business processes and understand, monitor, and improve existing processes. This way, they can understand and track what is influencing customer happiness and business performance, so they can detect specific events in customer journeys that will result in positive ROI. Data-driven CX with integrated data science models for prediction is the only way to link CX to value and make a direct impact on your KPIs to build clear business cases.

Link CX to impact in dollars and euros

Create support for CX

Your company may have multiple metrics to measure customer experience. But, in practice, there is often a disconnect between CX metrics and business performance. To create funding, enthusiasm, and ambassadors for CX plans in your organization, you need to link CX impact to impact on dollars or euros.

While statistics and data science models are helping to better measure customer satisfaction, organizations still struggle to link evidence of an improved CX metric to financial benefit. We believe that the only way to create an accurate and quantified view of the drivers impacting CX and link it to financial benefit is to enrich every customer interaction with journey-specific data and use data science to link CX to value. As a result, your organization can support a systematic journey-improvement cycle.

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“To create funding and ambassadors for CX plans, you need to link CX impact to impact on dollars or euros.”

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Go beyond single analytics and insights

Connecting all building blocks

In company-wide implementations, where data-driven working is an important starting point, it is important to deploy the resources that connect all building blocks of customer experience. Otherwise, a company-wide data-driven implementation will not get beyond single analytics and will provide little insight into the continuously evolving customer value opportunities.

It is crucial to take a holistic view of all the customer interactions and show success by using a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) approach. This approach gives customers and employees a sense of what success looks like and show concrete results with minimal investment. The first MVP can then quickly be scaled up across multiple customer life cycle stages and journeys until it becomes the standard way of working.

Define your approach on CX

CX Insights Framework

To help organizations accelerate in a data-driven way, we have created the CX Insights Framework to connect customer value with company value and provide insight into important handles for CX, such as reasons for contact, touchpoints, jobs-to-do, and emotion. The framework helps to bring all perspectives from data-driven CX within your organization together and to make choices. Which data is relevant? Which insights are essential? And what does this mean for the design of your data-driven CX approach?

Completing the CX Insights Framework is a first step to mapping all CX data that is present and relevant within your organization. In combination with the data scan, a roadmap is created that shows you which information is still missing to create a holistic picture of the customer experience. We then connect the different layers of the framework using data science and dashboarding. This leads to an integrated CX approach, where it becomes clear which buttons you have to turn to get CX metrics in motion, improve business results, and see the real impact in dollars or euros.

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